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1. HEALING FAMILIES DVDSHFS01 Healthy Touch$30.00
HFS02 Playful Interaction$30.00
HFS03 A Sensory World$30.00
HFS04 Trust-Based Parenting$40.00
HFS04SP Trust-Based Parenting - Spanish$40.00
HFS05 Attachment - Why it Matters$40.00
HFS06 Children from Hard Places and the Brain$40.00
HFS07 TBRI® An Overview$5.00
2. LECTURE DVDSLDVD01 The Attachment Dance$18.00
LDVD02 Facilitating Behavioral Change$18.00
LDVD03 Healing Research$18.00
LDVD04 Sensory Integration$18.00
LDVD05 The Neurochemistry of Fear$18.00
LDVD06 Empowering Connecting & Correcting Principles$18.00
3. PACKAGESHSPACKAGE13Library Package (Healing Families & Lecture Series Combined)$275.00
HSPACKAGE6Lecture Series Package$90.00
HSPACKAGE7 Healing Families Package$185.00
4. OTHER RESOURCESOR00 TBRI® Pocket Guide (1-9)$15.00
OR01 TBRI® Pocket Guide - bulk pricing (10+)$10.00
OR02 TBRI® for Teens$35.00
OR03 IDEAL Response TBRI Tip Sheet$5.00
OR04 Instead of/Try TBRI Tip Sheet$5.00
OR05 Life Values TBRI Tip Sheet$5.00
OR06 Playful Engagement TBRI Tip Sheet$5.00
OR07 TBRI Mantra TBRI Tip Sheet$5.00
OR08 Set of 5 TBRI Tip Sheets$20.00
OR09 10-pack IDEAL Response TBRI Tip Sheet$40.00
OR10 10-pack Instead of/Try TBRI Tip Sheet$40.00
OR11 10-pack Life Values TBRI Tip Sheet$40.00
OR12 10-pack Playful Engagement TBRI Tip Sheet$40.00
OR13 10-pack TBRI Mantra TBRI Tip Sheet$40.00
OR14 25-pack IDEAL Response TBRI Tip Sheet$95.00
OR15 25-pack Instead of/Try TBRI Tip Sheet$95.00
OR16 25-pack Life Values TBRI Tip Sheet$95.00
OR17 25-pack Playful Engagement TBRI Tip Sheet$95.00
OR18 25-pack TBRI Mantra TBRI Tip Sheet$95.00
5. CLEARANCE ITEMSLS01 Healthy Touch DVD - old packaging$12.00
LS02 Playful Interaction DVD - old packaging$12.00

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